Movie Preview: Vikingdom

Movie Preview: Vikingdom

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Directed by Yusry Abdul Halim

Starring Dominic Purcell, Natassia Malthe and Conan Stevens

Being released today in 21 cities across the United States, this Malaysian-made film is loosely based on Viking mythology. It follows Eirick (Dominic Purcell), who rises from the dead to retrieve the mystical artifact, Odin’s Horn, before Thor and his army can unleash its powers to conquer the world.

It is also available in the USA on iTunes.

You can see more videos about the film and interviews with the cast from the film’s Youtube Channel.


“Intentionally or otherwise, Halim allows the film, in all its candy-colored visuals and slow-mo-laden action scenes, to revel in its inherent campiness. At its best, the film a sort of live-action cartoon that embellishes, a la Tsui Hark, cinema’s natural illusionism to dizzying, almost surreal effect.” ~ review by Drew Hunt, Slant Magazine

“This first serious stab at Western markets by Malaysia’s Kru Studios is a cheerfully silly action fantasy more comparable to the vintage juvenile likes of Italian sword ‘n’ sandal epics, Ray Harryhausen pics, kiddie-matinee serials and goofy kung fu fantasies than to today’s superhero tentpole extravaganzas; fanboys, of course, will howl in pain nonetheless.” ~ review by Dennis Harvey, Variety Magazine


This film drew controversy over the way Thor and the Norse religion were portrayed. See the article KRU Studios shoots itself in the foot.

You can also follow the film’s Facebook page, which includes quite a lot of content.

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