LandGrabbers – medieval conquest strategy for the iPad

LandGrabbers – medieval conquest strategy for the iPad

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LandGrabbers, a new title for iPad, is set in a medieval/fantasy world. It combines classic elements of strategy, simulator, and resource management, which is unique to the world of casual games.

Game Overview: The main aim of LandGrabbers is to capture enemy fortresses and maintain your winning march through four diverse locations – woods, desert, frozen land, islands.

To take over an enemy or neutral settlement-simply click your own castle then the building you want to attack and that’s it! Half of your available troops come running out of your base and charge their intended target. If you outnumber the target building, you take it over and it starts generating units for you.

Occupy defence towers to meet opponent troops with gunfire. Send your troops to a stable or armory to make your soldiers twice as fast or strong, respectively. Upgrade your buildings to produce more units. You can use various artifacts to accelerate your victory! Three difficulty levels will challenge even experienced strategy experts and gorgeous graphics together with catchy soundtrack will create a medieval atmosphere.

Unlike typical war strategies LandGrabbers doesn’t contain any violent scenes, but it does require a strategic thinking. It is bright and cheerful with an original exuberant soundtrack.

The game was created by Nevosoft is a leading casual game developer and distributor in Russia and Eastern Europe based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sergey Smirnov, a Nevosoft developer, said “This game is so addictive and fun that it will definitely find its fans! And by the way, the Russian PC version was already recognized as the Best Casual Game of the Year at the 2011 Russian Game Developers Conference.”

Watch the video: Land Grabbers ep26 (May 2022).