Royal AMc-102 - History

Royal AMc-102 - History

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(AMc-102: dp. 195; 1. 97'1"; b. 22'; dr. 9'1"; s. 10 k.; cpl. 17;
a. 2 .50 eel. mg.; el. Accentor)

Royal (AMc-102) was laid down on 1 November 1941 by Anderson & Cristofani, San Francisco, Calif., launched 19 March1942, sponsored by Miss Irma Bianehi, and placed in service on 13 April 1942.

Following training in the San Francisco area, Royal remained in the 12th Naval District, based at Treasure Island. Through the end of World War II, she operated in that District's patrol force. She was placed out of service on 30 November 1945, struck from the Navy list on 3 January 1946 and sold, via the War Shipping Administration, on 9 September 1947.

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