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1066 In An Hour

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History in an Hour has released its first title related to medieval history. 1066 In An Hour, by Kaye Jones, is available as an ebook and as an app on the iPhone and iPad.

The work examines the events in England and Normandy in the year 1066, when the Anglo-Saxon king Edward the Confessor died, leading to a struggle for his throne. This struggle ended at the Battle of Hastings, where King Harold was killed, allowing the Norman ruler William I to conquer England.

The 42-page ebook gives a concise account of the Norman Conquest, and biographies of many of the key participants in these events. In an interview with Our Site, Kaye says, “For me there’s always been something special about 1066. It was such a momentous year in England’s history and it dramatically altered the country in a way that has never been seen before or after. Most people remember hearing about King Harold and the arrow in his eye at Hastings but I wanted to show that the personalities and the politics are just as fascinating as any of the battles.”

The book is produced by History in an Hour, which is owned by Rupert Colley. Several other ebooks have been published, which deal with modern historical events such as the Second World War. Colley comments, “the project is still very new but it’s proving popular with teachers who want to provide a basic introduction to their students and also that it’s available as in iPhone / iPad app gives it the technological bonus.”

The ebook/app is available through the History in an Hour website

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