US Plans of U-boat Types, 1944

US Plans of U-boat Types, 1944

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US Plans of U-boat Types, 1944

This section of plan from a US Recognition magazine of 1944 shows a series of German U-boat types, although without identifying their exact Types. Most of them can be worked out from the size and layout shown, although exact sub-types are more difficult.

1600-ton - Type XB - This was the largest U-boat type, built as long range mine layers but used as cargo transports.

1200-ton - Type IXD2 - This model got the longer superstructure shown here, but rarely carried the deck gun shown in front of the tower.

740-ton - The superstructure matches the Type VIIc/ 42, the length is about right, but the displacment too low

600-ton - The superstructure matches the Type VIID; but it is a bit short

517 ton - The Type UBIII of 1917 displaced 617 tons; while the shape suggests this was probably a Type VIIB or VIIC

250 ton - Type II - despite this type being obsolete by 1944 when the plan was published

1200 ton supply type - probably Type XIV - the length and role are right, but the displacement too low

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