Thronateeska Heritage Center

Thronateeska Heritage Center

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Located in historic downtown Albany, Georgia, the Thronateeska Heritage Center preserves exhibits related to the history and science of the locality. Established in 1974, Thronateeska Heritage Foundation is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to convey the human story of Albany and Southwest Georgia.The Thronateeska Heritage Foundation got its name from the Flint River. The American Indian name for the river Flint is Thronateeska, which means “giving forth.”The Thronateeska Heritage Center is composed of three major parts; the Museum of History, the Wetherbee Planetarium and the Science Discovery Center.The Museum of History showcases model trains, Indian artifacts, and other displays of local culture and tradition. The station, placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, is called the Discovery Depot and serves as a local and regional history/heritage museum at present.The Wetherbee Planetarium organizes a number of shows illustrating various aspects of the universe. It is the only planetarium in Southwest Georgia that is open to the public and arranges interesting exhibitions continuously.The Science Discovery Center is a suitable place to gain first hand knowledge about science. Visitors are given enough opportunity to learn about the different aspects of science, at Imagination stations.The Thronateeska Heritage Foundation is trying to extend the heritage center and museum for further enhancement of culture. The Foundation has also liberalized its membership for the purpose of development.

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